The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.

Longest shortest week.

This week felt a lot longer than four days. I'm sneaking out of the office in a few minutes to grab a drink with a friend before I head back to the east bay. I guess it's work, about which I could not feel more ambivalent these days, and also my back went out last Friday and only stopped being miserable today. Anyhow, I'm glad to have a couple days off again, even if I'll spend them indoors since some sort of ridiculous storm is aimed at the Bay Area right now. (I'm not complaining; we need the rain. But a stir-crazy toddler who can't go the playground is a challenge.)

It's funny how as much as I feel "out of practice" writing here, once I get going, so much of it feels like home. I know there's the latest fear about what will happen with the servers based in Russia, and perhaps I should reconsider Dreamwidth (I do have an account; I just never used it), but for now, LJ is giving my heart something it needs--a place that feels like less artifice.

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