The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
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  • Sat, 15:24: RT @BlkNrdProblems: .@letsgetfree13: I already get the feeling I'm going to be the one dying on the hill of liking this movie. @fightingwo
  • Sat, 15:27: RT @ParkerMolloy: This interaction sure is something. The high schoolers are acting like adults and the adult is acting like a high schoole…
  • Sun, 10:15: RT @evacide: These sands are white. I was promised black sand beaches. Bring me a new beach. #gothsinhotweather
  • Sun, 10:16: RT @realnicolehomer: "What happened right before [acontextual event being referenced]?" Question it's important to ask in history class, wh…
  • Sun, 10:16: RT @cmclymer: As a proud transgender American and military veteran, I don't believe there's an evidence-based justification for the entitle…
  • Sun, 10:17: RT @mattyp____: Deena saved my life. Before this video I️ knew nothing of hip hop. Thanks to Deena and her teachings I️ am now a fellow hip…
  • Sun, 10:21: RT @hotincleveland: So Kevin Hart thinks it's harder to be a father than a mother because kids expect all their time with their father to b…
  • Sun, 10:35: RT @jsmooth995: Okay this is dope "Stormtrooper helmet designed by Andy Everson, a First Nations artist from Como…
  • Sun, 10:36: RT @eveewing: don’t people on the East Coast get tired of constantly being wrong about what time it is
Tags: #gothsinhotweather, twitter

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