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  • Tue, 13:53: RT @RachelMcKibbens: Please, if you can, donate to the cause. Renting this space isn't cheap, but it's necessary. We need to be able to get…
  • Tue, 13:54: RT @Lin_Manuel: Okay, here's the deal: You give whatever you can spare. @Google's gonna match ALL YOUR donations up to $2 Million. It ALL g…
  • Tue, 14:00: RT @BlkNrdProblems: "They fit your boy Papa Delos whole make up into 1/2 price books YA novel fam. You could read through Papa Delos on a f…
  • Tue, 18:33: RT @crissles: i'm bout to start asking people to take their shoes off when they come to my apartment. it's too much work to keep floors cle…
  • Tue, 18:34: RT @aliciagarza: Should anyone forget, it was FLOTUS Michelle Obama who called for going high when they go low. Auntie Maxine ain’t never s…
  • Tue, 18:35: RT @CuteEmergency: me running away from healthy food 🥦 📹: kylo_and_vader
  • Tue, 18:36: RT @BlkNrdProblems: "What I remember hearing most about Killing Eve before watching it myself was that it was refreshing, because it was a…
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