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  • Mon, 12:19: RT @charliejane: Now is a really really good time to donate to anti-eviction and tenants' rights organizations in your local area, if you c…
  • Mon, 12:19: RT @saladinahmed: 'whoa moms are part of this now!' what you mean is WHITE moms Black moms have been the unceasing engine of the fight ag…
  • Mon, 12:20: RT @RashidaTlaib: They'll have to arrest me first if they think they're going to illegally lay their hands on my residents.
  • Mon, 12:27: RT @mcuban: Why is it, @tedcruz, that you take such pride in standing up to and speaking truth to the Chinese, but you have no ability to s…
  • Mon, 12:28: RT @mcuban: The National Anthem Police in this country are out of control. If you want to complain, complain to your boss and ask why they…
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    Wed, 21:54: This morning, my partner Charlie comes into our bedroom with coffee. C: William Shatner-- L: Died. C: He went-- L: To Heaven? I…

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    Fri, 15:11: Jesus Christ, this whole thread. Fri, 18:09: RT @ propublica: A factory worker didn’t want to call in…

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    Wed, 13:41: Frances Haugen's former skip-level.

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