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  • Fri, 16:55: RT @illuminatemics: To Whom it May Concern I am writing to express my interest in applying for the Secret Service. Please find my CV attac…
  • Fri, 16:56: And now, for something completely different....
  • Fri, 17:42: So, I've had DJT blocked on here since 2015 because I believe in self-care, but I just strolled over to the replies to his last tweet, and I see hella people saying if Biden's president, they're leaving the US and moving to...Mexico.
  • Fri, 17:45: RT @kurteichenwald: Oh, NOW I know why @PressSec has been deleting tons of tweets. Sorry, Kayleigh - the internet is forever. And there are…
  • Fri, 19:15: After ignoring television for the last several days, I'm finally watching CNN and MSNBC waiting for Biden to speak. Someone please call this so @SteveKornacki can go the fuck home.
  • Fri, 19:32: Everyone sing along now.
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    Wed, 21:54: This morning, my partner Charlie comes into our bedroom with coffee. C: William Shatner-- L: Died. C: He went-- L: To Heaven? I…

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    Fri, 15:11: Jesus Christ, this whole thread. Fri, 18:09: RT @ propublica: A factory worker didn’t want to call in…

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    Wed, 13:41: Frances Haugen's former skip-level.

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