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  • Sun, 13:09: RT @JonesSeeker: Georgia residents aged 17+, Georgia is having a runoff Jan 5 to decide who their 2 new senators will be. If those senators…
  • Sun, 20:37: RT @DevinGoure: @megynkelly @jonfavs I call them like I see them, same as you. You’re out of touch if you think that we can have healing in…
  • Mon, 09:29: RT @LEHLight: Any one written about the portrayal (or lack thereof) of disabled ppl in #StarWars? For ex., There's prosthetics in SW (Luke'…
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    Thu, 15:26: This whole thread. Plenty of studies have provided evidence that American racism worse for our health than collards cooks with ham…

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    Wed, 21:08: RT @ JJHoImes: @ JoyAnnReid I want to go to school but @ SCPSInfo says if other students wear masks it’ll change their learning…

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    Sun, 21:32: RT @ pervocracy: Panic! At The, At This Point, Any Indoor Location With Strangers In It Sun, 21:41: They're #1!…

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