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  • Mon, 22:41: Spouse and I spent Saturday building LEGO kits (me, Sesame Street; him, the Star Destroyer I gave him for his birthday last year) and bingeing Bridgerton. Finished the night with his first viewing of Friday. So many pop culture refs make sense to him now.
  • Mon, 22:53: I mean, I guess you could argue whether pressuring a foreign leader to investigate your political rival is an impeachable offense (not that I would), but inciting an insurrection is exactly the kind of high crime I suspect the founders had in mind when discussing impeachment.
  • Mon, 22:56: RT @anylaurie16: So that’s two D WOC they’ve infected.
  • Mon, 23:07: RT @jessiestwats: FBI agents frantically learning to play bass so they can infiltrate every Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band
  • Mon, 23:13: RT @HawaiiDelilah: "Deutsche Bank, which has been Mr. Trump’s primary lender for two decades, has decided not to do business with Mr. Trump…
  • Mon, 23:16: RT @JohnCollins_KP: Does anyone else see the irony in Lauren Boebert bragging about “bringing her glock” to Congress, but instead of protec…
  • Tue, 08:10: RT @nhannahjones: No one can say that every Trump supporter is racist. But what we can say is that they understand the power of racism as a…
  • Tue, 08:27: RT @Grace4NY: From ⛽️ 🥽gas masks to no masks 😷, i am incredibly angry at @GOPLeader @GOP colleagues for recklessly endangering the lives of…
  • Tue, 08:28: RT @ClaraJeffery: Sheldon Adelson has died. Here is our 2016 massive investigation into his casinos and political giving:
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    Wed, 21:54: This morning, my partner Charlie comes into our bedroom with coffee. C: William Shatner-- L: Died. C: He went-- L: To Heaven? I…

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    Fri, 15:11: Jesus Christ, this whole thread. Fri, 18:09: RT @ propublica: A factory worker didn’t want to call in…

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    Wed, 13:41: Frances Haugen's former skip-level.

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