The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.

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  • Wed, 13:16: RT @evacide: Just sitting here thinking about every goddamn joke where a dead sex worker is the punchline.
  • Thu, 09:56: RT @thatJaneNg: In broad daylight on freaking Market Street in SF right where lots of Asian elders transfer to/from BART regional train. S…
  • Thu, 09:56: This is so out of hand, but I'm glad Auntie beat his ass. She just shouldn't have had to.
  • Thu, 10:04: RT @RedCanarySong: We appreciate the overwhelming support we have gotten overnight, and understand that many people are looking to us in th…
  • Thu, 10:47: RT @emteehall: It was only a matter of hours before Andrew Yang had a shitty idea, and I guess you gotta hand it to him for consistency htt…
  • Thu, 11:25: A GoFundMe for the elderly woman attacked on Market Street yesterday in San Francisco--and who found a piece of wood and fought back.
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