July 17th, 2007

golden gate park

I bet you think this post is about you.

Spent the last couple of days cleaning and rearranging and organizing. I've replaced all the mini-blinds (which Java has been systematically destroying) with curtains. My bedroom is now a beautiful little sanctuary with lots of reds and golds and light. The kitchen is a little neater, though I'm still loathe to wash dishes. My living room is still a disaster area, but much improved with a new bike rack and better television location. I've got a couple more hours of straightening and unpacking (finally) before I head to the city for dinner which should help a bit.

I want my apartment to be in good shape before I take off for the east coast so that I come back to calm instead of chaos, so that it's easier to sit in this space and focus on the things I need to do, the first of which is to find a job.

But right now I'm kind of cranky. Why? Well, guess what earworm is plaguing me today? Please--PLEASE--make it stop. Fi dollah to the first person to punch me in the face and put me out of my Carly Simon misery.