July 25th, 2007

corset & bougainvillea

People say in Boston beans do it.

I sadly missed the camogie tournament--the finals were on Sunday--but "our" team from Belfast won. Beers were drunk, songs were sung, and interesting discussions about racial segregation in the States and how the Irish became white were had.

Yesterday Conor, Melissa (cirrhopetalink), and I tooled around Harvard Square; as he left at the asscrack this morning to fly back to Portland (though he's now decided he wants to move here), I spent today wandering around Boston proper with Melissa until she headed off to catch the $15 Chinatown bus back to NY. I'll see her again there after P-Town.

Now I'm killing time until I meet up with Irina, sitting in the Commons enjoying a nice breeze and contemplating which school here I should attend. I'm a terrible traveler, you see--I fall in love with cities far too easily and can't help but wonder if maybe they'd love me back.