August 7th, 2007

corset & bougainvillea

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I knew at the end of last week that my grandmother would be going into the hospital as a preventative measure. Her ankles and feet have been very swollen over the last few months since she broke her pelvis, and an echocardiogram showed that her heart is beating really slowly.

My mother called me last night to tell me that they found two of my grandmother's heart valves to be leaking. According to my great aunt, the doctor said my grandmother can go at any time.

And so I'm in NY, trying to figure out what to do--fly home to CA on Thursday like I'd planned first or fly directly to Illinois. Either way, I'll need a new ticket to get to Springfield, IL by the end of the week, it seems.

There's been so much going on in my head and my heart for the last few days, and now more. I can't even feel anything right now.