August 10th, 2007

corset & bougainvillea

Home again.

I'm back in the bay.

I walked into my place yesterday afternoon and wanted to fall over with exhaustion, but after ksea and heliocide (who was kind enough to scoop me up from the airport) took off, I started cleaning. I truly am a cancer--we're nesters and home is important. As much as I love traveling, I start to miss home after a while, and being constantly on the move does wear on me. That's before we factor in the situation with my grandmother.

I'm still trying to decide when to go see her. I talked to her a couple days ago while waiting at Port Authority for a bus back to Boston with whittles, and she sounds pretty good--and determined to stick around. My mom flew out to the midwest today; I figure I'll have more info when she gets there and can then look into booking my tickets.

But I am also freaking out about money. I spent a lot more on this trip than I'd intended, and with no income and another plane ticket on my horizon, I'm beginning to panic. Plus, every moment I spend not here is a moment I could be looking for work. Argh.

It'll be okay. Somehow.