September 6th, 2007

bunny suicide

Preguntas: mutt walker and health insurance.

1) Does anyone know of a good dog walker in the east bay with reasonable rates?

2) Does anyone on my friends list pay for their own health insurance? (I'm thinking of any of you independent contractor types.) Which carrier do you use, how expensive is the coverage, and how comprehensive is it? (Like, sure, they'll pay half if you get hit by a bus, but you're paying for your own pap smear every year and get no prescription coverage at all....)

stupidity lives on the web

People I categorically hate today.

Animal welfare wing nuts, which includes, in some instances, vegans. (Yeah, I said it.) But mostly judgmental little snots who think hiring a Java walker means I'm a bad dog mom. (Yeah, I don't really get it, either.)

People with privilege up the wazoo who still walk around with their hands stapled to their foreheads proclaiming victim status.

Customer support people who put me on hold for 5 minutes and then can't answer a question if you paid them to--oh, wait. Someone did pay them to.

All of them can fuck off right now.