January 15th, 2008

corset & bougainvillea

The return of Creepshow Peepshow.


WELCOME, BOILS & GHOULS! It's no more Miss Nice-Girl as HUBBA HUBBA REVUE hands the reins over to our murder-lovin' country-cousins from CREEPSHOW PEEPSHOW! Come for a one night stay within the terror-soaked walls of the Rustbucket County Asylum for the Criminally Insane, and let our deadly crew of inmates, interns and backwoods psychopaths show you a FRIGHTENINGLY good time!

Doctors, Nurses, Mental Patients and Chainsaw-Totin' Hillbilly-Freaks! CREEPSHOW PEEPSHOW has come back FOR YOU!

Bloodthirsty Burlesque!
Shocking Acts of Comedy!
Terror, Madness & Gore!


The Thrillpeddlers!
Pookie Patootie! (New York)
Jezebel Express! (New York)
Gravity Plays Favorites! (St. Louis)
Twilight Vixen Revue!
Casey Castille!
The Indra!
Tit 4 Tat
Sparkly Devil!
Dottie Lux!
The Cuzzin Brothers!
Gorilla X!

And everyone's favorite Demented Fiends/MC's, DR. KINGFISH & DR. EDDIE!

With Special Evil Musical Guests, LURID BLISS!


Friday, January 18th
$15, 21&Up w/I.D
Door 9PM
($12 Advance Tickets at www.dnalounge.com)

UNFORTUNATE-CITYSLICKER DISCOUNT! Between 9PM and 10PM, only at the box office night of show, tickets are just TEN BUCKS!
corset & bougainvillea

Rob Brezsny, shut up.

Cancer horoscope for the week of January 17 from freewillastrology.com:

"Dear Rob: Help! When I give love I feel powerful but when I accept love I feel weak. So even though I dearly crave love, when someone tries to give it to me I run away. I'm afraid of the vulnerability that comes from being the recipient of the gift; I'm afraid of being in debt to the person who's offering it; I'm afraid of the loss of control that comes from not providing myself with everything I need; and I'm afraid that if I accept love, I'll get addicted to it, and then how will I cope if it goes away? What can I do? -Cowardly Crab." Dear Crab: In the coming weeks, the universe will conspire to help you find new ways to think about these riddles. You'll have tremendous access to the precise kind of courage you need.