February 10th, 2008

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Health care policy: Obama v. Clinton

A friend posted this in her journal and gave me permission to repost it here:
And my choice is Barack Obama. Here is why.

My #1 issue this year is universal health care. It's a personal issue for me. It was a terrifying experience for me to be pregnant and slightly above the income level Medicaid. Since I was unemployed during Babygirl's birth and most of my pregnancy, I had to have health insurance. And the only thing available to me was to continue my employer's plan through COBRA, which was difficult to apply when I moved to TX, and whose premiums were incredibly expensive. Now, with Babygirl to cover, I'm spending $600 a month to cover both of us monthly. And that's before co-pays, deductibles, and lab fees. With no income (my mom has graciously paid most of my COBRA premiums). I'm usually on the phone at least once a week with my insurance carrier getting bills adjusted, and I'm convinced the the system is utterly broken. I loathe going to the doctor because I know it means I'm going to have to spend a couple hours on the phone with the insurance company in two months to get the visit paid for. Husband, who is working full-time as a contractor right now, has not had health insurance for about a year and remains uninsured.

I've been on the fence about both candidates for some time, and I finally decided to compare their health plans to make my decision. I'm thrilled that both Democratic candidates are committed to universal health care. It's time for this ridiculous field day for HMOs and pharmacorps to end, and I would like to move as close to socialized medicine as possible (ah, Europe! Canada! You have it where it counts!). Neither candidate offers that, but both are trying to at least ensure that all Americans have health insurance.

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