February 26th, 2008

corset & bougainvillea

I haven't decided if this is better yet, or Dear Lazyweb.

So, after nearly two weeks in my possession, my new phone, a Palm Centro, is finally activated and working. (I wish I'd known that earlier today, since I apparently missed some phone calls.)

But anyway, there is some sadness to be leaving T-Mobile and my Sidekick behind. I must admit I was rather in love with that phone--before it stopped charging, stopped receiving email, and the trackball quit going "down." Still, it was fun to type on--I could type rather quickly, which became increasingly useful when I met the lovely mercurialcirce.

There's going to be a learning curve for this one--different UI, different carrier--but mostly, I need to know what I should do about a memory card for it. It takes SD Micro up to 4 GB. Any suggestions where I should buy one? The pricing I've seen (at CompUSA and at the Sprint store) seemed a little... arbitrary. Also, any preferences for Bluetooth headsets? I may not get either of these things soon, but I'd like to know what I'm looking for.

Also, if you think I have your number, to quote Billy Joel, you may be right or you may be wrong. Please leave it here; I'm screening comments. I also wouldn't mind your address, preferred email, and birthdate.