April 9th, 2008

head in the clouds

The richest girl in town.

I decided to give into the insomnia tonight--reinforce it, actually, with a Red Bull--to get work done before tomorrow, which I've already started referring to as The Day From Hell. It will be a long day--I have to go into the Just Cause office in the morning, then into the city for meetings at COLAGE, then back to JCO to prepare for an Oakland Rising coalition meeting where I'm doing a presentation on Prop. 98, the sneaky, landlord association-funded initiative on June's ballot that will end rent control in California as well as undermine renter and environmental protections statewide. After that, I'm going to check out nursing homes with my mother....


While I have a little time before The Day From Hell begins, I need to say something.

With the various ups and downs (mostly downs) I've had recently, it's occurred to me from time to time that maybe I should leave the Bay Area, try my luck elsewhere. But Sunday night, I got a good reminder of why I stay here.

It all began with a "Hey, let's have dinner at Julie's Supper Club next Sunday." Ha.

I don't want to leave anyone out of my thank-yous, and there are a lot of them, but I have to give a shout-out to whittles, kampachi, and heliocide for organizing L-Boogie Day. I've had a smile hangover for days.

Thank you to the wonderful folks who performed. Thank you to the beautiful folks who contributed to the silent auction. Thank you to the people who donated at the event or online, who decorated, ran errands, did sound, offered the space, gave up their tips. Thank you to everyone who came.

If I'm Oakland's George Bailey, you're all Clarence. I'll be over here ringing a bell in your honor because you deserve those wings.

Thank you for making me feel like the richest girl in town.

teh sekks

Okay, Rob. I'm feeling this one.

Someone bring me a tire iron. So to speak.
Cancer Horoscope for week of April 10, 2008:

Normally you're inclined to massage problems until they relax, not bash problems until they break. Your preference is to paint fuzzy, impressionistic pictures rather than creating crisp snapshots. Nevertheless, the astrological omens indicate that in the next two weeks, you should take an approach recommended by Winston Churchill: "If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time -- a tremendous whack."
corset & bougainvillea

Job Announcement: Just Cause Oakland – Minister of Money

Job Announcement
Just Cause Oakland – Minister of Money
Just Cause Oakland is a mass-based organization in Oakland, CA, organizing low-income workers and tenants to fight for economic and racial justice. We are a multi-racial, multi-generational organization building a powerful voice for Oakland’s working-class residents through a combination of grassroots organizing campaigns and leadership development. We are involved in a long-term campaign to end the process of gentrification in our city. In order to do that we are fighting evictions and rent increases, calling for policy changes around affordable housing and rent control, and pushing for a massive reinvestment of money from the local and national government in housing.
Just Cause is looking to hire someone experienced in grant-writing and grassroots fundraising. This position will work with the Administrative Director in preparing grants and grant reports, organizing fundraising events and grassroots fundraising appeals, and managing relationships with our donors.
Responsibilities of the staff person will be:
• Research and identify grant funding opportunities
• Prepare grant proposals and reports
• Plan and execute grassroots fundraising events
• Develop and send newsletters and direct mail appeals 
• Manage donor and grant database 
• Maintain regular communication with donors and prospects
We are looking for someone who has: 
• Two years of development/fundraising experience
• Written at least 5 grant proposals
• Ability to manage a large body of work, attending to both details and the bigger picture. 
• Ability to supervise and support interns and volunteers
• Proficiency in basic computer programs: Microsoft Word, Excel, databases
Position is full-time. Salary 32K-37K, plus health, dental and vision benefits. Start date will be June 1, 2008 unless otherwise negotiated. People of color and women are strongly encouraged to apply. 
Please send resume and cover letter to Adam Gold:

fax: 510-763-5824,
PO Box 3596, Oakland, CA 94609