April 15th, 2008

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Save Rent Control in California: Fight Prop. 98

Proposition 98, disguised as "eminent domain reform," is a nefarious scheme by wealthy California landlord associations to end rent control state-wide. Aside from invalidating current rent control laws and prohibiting future ones, Prop. 98 would jeopardize renter protections like just cause for eviction ordinances, 60-day notice requirements, and the return of security deposits; prohibit affordable housing requirements in new developments; and put environmental and living wage regulations at risk.

Just Cause Oakland is a mass-based organization dedicated to fighting for affordable housing for low-income people of color in Oakland. We are reaching out to friends, supporters, and volunteers to join us in our fight against Prop. 98 on the June 3rd ballot.

With such wide-reaching effects, it's important that as many folks as possible get involved in defeating this measure. We will be walking precincts in West and East Oakland and phone banking over the next 8 weeks to mobilize residents to vote NO on Prop 98 in June.

We will be having a training on our electoral work for volunteers this Wednesday, April 16th, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Just Cause office (1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 415, in downtown Oakland). This training will give some background on the work JCO has done in the past to protect affordable housing in Oakland, give information on Prop. 98 and the competing measure, Prop. 99, and help prepare volunteers for the fieldwork we'll be doing over the next two months.

If you'd like to RSVP for Wednesday's training or find out more about our upcoming electoral work on the NO on 98 campaign, please call Lauren at the Just Cause Oakland office at 510-763-5877 or email lauren@justcauseoakland.org.