April 22nd, 2008

corset & bougainvillea

On race cards and the playing of them.

AngryBlackBitch said it so I don't have to.
Shall we?

Bill Clinton has raised the race card as a defense and this bitch has had enough!

I'm not a member of Obama's campaign or even a volunteer.

I do not have a race card.

I was not issued one at birth with instructions on how and when to play it.

When I call a person out for an ig’nant race-baiting comment that action is not 'playing the race card'...it’s calling a person out for an ig’nant race-baiting comment.

If that person is uncomfortable with that shit a bitch suggests that they get in touch with their inner asshole, because this bitch has had enough of motherfuckers whining and keening about that mythical race card every time they get corrected for deliberate verbal malfunctions designed to rouse prejudices they themselves have spent a lifetime concealing behind a mask of tolerance.

My race is not a card to be played anymore than claiming someone played the race card on you is a defense for dismissing a candidate’s political success as a product of their race.

I am not a player of the race card.

I am the wage that should be equal...the privacy that ought to be honored...the violence that will not be tolerated...the hair you’d better not touch...the reality that debunks the stereotype...the fierceness that keeps ig’nant motherfuckers awake at night...the anger that will not be ignored and the worthiness that will not be denied.

And until you do right by me...

...everything you think about gonna fail.