April 26th, 2008

corset & bougainvillea


1. The action against the Apartment Owners Association yesterday went well. I ended up being interviewed by several members of the media, including ABC 7, KGO, and KPFA. (I was also on KPFA an hour or two afterwards during the Living Room show.)

2. I'm exhausted after a less-than-12-hour trip to Forestville last night with animikwaan and our broken friend to visit other friends for a birthday party. Granted, we missed the party--we got a flat on the VW bus Wendy on our way up, which meant I got to wield a real, live TIRE IRON for a few minutes.

3. I guess it's been a while, but I'd forgotten until yesterday that Zeitgeist makes pint-sized drinks unless specified. There was more whiskey after that at rivetpepsquad's and then at Broken Friend's. So much whiskey.

4. I need to disable texting on my phone when there is whiskey.

5. This week white people are TRYING my goddamn nerves. Seriously. Someone give me a tire iron NOW.

6. Oh, and also ... FUCK SEAL PRESS

7. Apparently I made a mistake when I filed my California state taxes. I just got a check for almost twice what I was expecting as a refund.

8. This is one of those weekends where too much is happening, and I find myself wanting to hide under the bed to avoid having to choose what to do. (Burlesque or roller derby? Fancy floofy dresses and croquet or Japanese food and karaoke?)