May 14th, 2008

it's my hobby. what?

Public service announcement: Prop. 98.

As you probably know, Prop. 98, disguised as eminent domain reform, would end rent control statewide and undermine tenant, environmental, and community protections throughout California. This measure is receiving 85% of its funding from large landlords and the associations that represent them and was written by the same folks who brought you Prop. 13 in 1978, the deceptively worded measure that bankrupted California schools and infrastructure by cutting property taxes. This time they're coming after renters. Would you be able to afford your apartment if your rent went up 25, 50, 100%?

Yeah, I know.

I've said it before. But seriously, folks, I know a lot of you are renters in California. We all--and that includes homeowners, even--need to keep Prop. 98 from passing. If we don't, our communities, environment, and economy--yes, I said it--will suffer.


Here's what you can do to help beat the living stew out of Prop. 98 on June 3rd:

1) Vote:

Monday, May 19th is the LAST day to register to vote in the June 3rd election. This measure ended up on the June ballot because the folks behind 98 are expecting low voter turnout (30%), and most of the folks who normally turn out at June elections are well-off, conservative, and likely to vote you out of your apartment.

Prove them wrong.

2) Participate:

All the cool kids are doing it. More than 100 volunteers have signed up with Just Cause Oakland's electoral program so far, including animikwaan, angryusername, and superstar msjen, who is doing two phone banking shifts a week up until the election. And ksea is part of our intensive paid precinct-walking program. Come on out!

To sign up for voter outreach, call 510-763-5877 or email lauren at justcauseoakland dot org. (Here's the calendar.) It's fun, and we'll feed you!

And for those who want to get involved in San Francisco, POWER is also running a voter outreach program. Get in touch with them--they need people, too!

3) Spread this far and wide:

Talk to people. Send out PSAs to your email lists. Sign up for email updates on our progress at the Just Cause website. You can also find us on Facebook--join the Just Cause Oakland group and cause, AND the No on Prop 98 cause. And be sure to encourage your friends to join--the only way we can defeat 98 is if everyone knows about it, gets involved, and votes on June 3rd.

*steps down from soapbox*
it's my hobby. what?

And white feminists lose their minds all over again.

Now, yes, I'm endorsing Barack Obama. I wouldn't say I've got the "mania" that I keep hearing about. A good deal of my commitment to him as a candidate has been the direct result of the racism used as a tool by the Clinton campaign--hell, that's the reason she lost the black vote all over the country.

However, I've seen plenty of bullshit flying out of the mouths of Clinton supporters, and in particular white women who (over)identify with their candidate of choice.

Well, today, it hit a fever pitch.

The vileness of the comments on NARAL's website after its endorsement of Obama is real spesh. Seriously.

You know something? They can have feminism. I'm not going to fight them for it anymore. When they're done clawing each others' eyes out over who gets to be equal to white men so that they can all, together, oppress the rest of us, give me a call.

Until then, I'm not interested in the F-word.