June 6th, 2008

corset & bougainvillea

Free time.

I spent yesterday, my first day off since Memorial Day, bonding with my dog, my cat, and most importantly, my apartment. I

- replaced the flapper in my toilet to stop the water from running all the time
- adjusted the toilet to use less water anyway
- emptied and scrubbed the cat box
- cleaned my shower and tub
- replaced my broken showerhead with a new DUAL showerhead and put up a new shower curtain
- cleaned out and vacuumed angryusername's car
- dropped off most of my laundry at a wash-and-fold place in Berkeley
- raked up and composted all the leaves and other detritus under and around my front porch
- vacuumed and swept my living room
- changed my linens

That's productive.


Today I haven't gotten a lot done. I stayed up late last night and have been moving slowly since I got up. But I did pick up my laundry and am seeing Hogwarts Express later. Maybe I'll nap 'til then.


In other news, dirty hippies rejoice. Phish is getting back together.