June 9th, 2008

corset & bougainvillea

Job opening.

From imnotandrei:

My company (Gracenote, now a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Sony) is looking for a UNIX sysadmin -- w/ networking and Solaris skills by preference, but that's open to negotiation. Located in Emeryville.

Let him know if you're interested.
corset & bougainvillea

Dutch government ends 15-year ban on pit bulls

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - The Dutch government says it will lift a long-standing ban on pit bulls because it did not lead to any decrease in bite incidents.

Agriculture Minister Gerda Verburg has informed parliament of the decision, which follows the advice of a commission of experts appointed to review the policy. Instead, the country will focus on enforcing local leashing laws and owner education programs.

Spokesman Koen Geelink said Monday the ministry hopes to have a new policy in place by year-end in which dogs that have displayed aggression will be tested by an expert.

The country banned the breeding and possession of pit bulls in 1993, after three children were killed by the dogs.