June 17th, 2008

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Waiting to wed, Digman Phoenix Barnes and William Marion Jennings hold hands as Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums begins the ceremonies at City Hall. Chronicle photo Michael Macor

Akemi Hamai and Amy Haruyama are married by Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums as their daughters, Maya Haruyama and Anna Hamai, join in the ceremony. Alameda County began issuing marriage certificates on Monday in Oakland. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor
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Right to the City

Tomorrow I fly into Miami, FL for the People's State of the City Conference and the March on the Mayors. Delegates from housing rights organizations all over the country will converge to discuss how to protect people's right to stay in their homes and communities in the face of gentrification, the destruction and privatization of public housing, police and ICE intimidation and insurgency in communities of color, eminent domain abuses, predatory lending, and the foreclosure crisis.

Seeing as how I spent most of my formative years in Miami Beach and have lived in almost of all of the regions represented at the conference, I have a very broad and personal view of what the housing fight looks like. I'm excited to find out what other organizations in other cities are doing and what their electoral work/civic engagement campaigns look like.