July 12th, 2008

corset & bougainvillea

Vigil at the California Hotel Monday 7/14

The California Hotel is a Single Residency Occupancy building that for several decades has been one of very few housing options available to low-income residents in Oakland (those who pay an average of $500/month or less for studio apartments). The building and her residents have struggled with mismanagement, habitability issues including a lack of repairs and maintenance, and currently bankruptcy. Despite all this, it remains home to 75 residents who would love to see the building improved and kept open as safe, healthy, and affordable housing.

After receiving notices in June that their building would probably be closing on July 15th, residents contacted Just Cause Oakland for help. The residents are incredibly organized. We have supported them with facilitation at a resident meeting (50 of the 75 tenants attended!) and by setting up discussions between residents and stakeholders like the City of Oakland and service organizations.

Just Cause is working with a range of housing and service organizations including the City of Oakland to deal with this crisis and all help is needed. We are supporting the tenants in fighting to ensure that this critical affordable housing is kept affordable for the people who need it and that the tenants are not displaced without a guarantee to just and dignified relocation support. Join us in responding to this housing emergency.

California Hotel Vigil:

Monday July 14, 6pm
California Hotel
35th & San Pablo, Oakland

If you can, please bring:

- other supporters
- candles
- any kind of food donations
- paint supplies (interior room paint)
- household cleaning materials
- walkie-talkies