July 15th, 2008

corset & bougainvillea

I came. I saw. I twirled.

Well, I made my burlesque debut last night at the Uptown Club in Oakland, and it went off without too much of a hitch (though I forgot one of the funnier props backstage). My nerves were pretty bad--which happens when I read, too, though I'm usually not wearing pasties at poetry readings. And it's amazing how mirrors became my enemy in the days leading up to the performance--my body is fine, and I know that, but there's a difference between go-going with five other people in the background and shaking my nearly-naked ass in the spotlight.

But the minute I hit the stage, the nerves went away. There wasn't really a lot of time for worrying about whether I should have worn flesh-tone fishnets (which aren't my flesh's tone, anyway) or freaking out about losing a pasty once I was standing there in front of all those people staring at me. Three cheers for adrenaline.

And I did get to see the tail-end of dali_drama's act. VERY FUNNY, lady. And only two people admitted to getting us mixed up, though I suspect others did as well but didn't say anything.

Thanks for everyone who made it out. For those who missed it, I'll be performing it again this Friday, in context, at Hubba Hubba Revue: Jolly Olde England.

In the meantime, I continue the hunt for a job. Let me know if you've heard of anything.