August 3rd, 2008

corset & bougainvillea

A ray of sunshine.

Well, okay, maybe not sunshine. This is summer in the Bay Area, after all, but....

I had a lovely time today seeing Bajofondo at the Stern Grove Festival:
Internationally acclaimed Bajofondo, a collective of Argentine and Uruguayan artists, defy easy definition, blending the drama and passion of tango music with diverse electronic genres ranging from house, trance and trip hop to dub, drum and bass, and more.

Tasty food, sangria, great company, and thousands of people dancing. So much fun.

Then we all descended upon Broken Record, a bar near rivetpepsquad's new place, which had a great whiskey selection, friendly people, and two cute dogs on the back patio.

Visited my family for a bit afterward and then headed home.

It was a nice day.