October 29th, 2008

liberian marauder

Say no to Yes on 8

Really loud, really aggressive Yes on 8 fools have been setting up shop near the Grand Lake theater lately and, aside from the typical taunting of anyone supporting the No on 8 campaign, have gotten really nasty and physically assaulted several people over the last few days.

Video of some of their more mild antics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wenandtara/sets/72157608473465699/

Now it seems they may have moved their operations from Lake Merritt to East Oakland, hanging out at the corner of MacArthur and High St. The majority of them are API. If you're in the East Bay, a queer ally, and, even better, brown--it would be awesome if you could please go support the No on Prop. 8 folks this evening or any evening this week. I'm on my way to an electoral forum with Just Cause and other Oakland Rising organizations, but may duck out early to join the counter-protest.