January 30th, 2009

corset & bougainvillea


Just saw the line-up for this year's Coachella festival.

The Cure? Morrissey? Leonard Cohen? TV on the Radio? Throbbing fucking Gristle? REALLY?

(Yeah, I know. Also Paul McCartney, but who gives a shit?)

I just might have to find a way to go.
blue mime


I would have gone to the Alameda County Courthouse for Johannes Meserhle's bail hearing, but knew I had other appointments and wouldn't be able to make it (an interview at 11:30, a doctor appointment for my grandmother at 2:20). Turns out I could have gone after all.

Went to my interview and came home. That went okay, I guess. I have no idea about these things anymore. I've practically had hiring managers propose marriage and then STILL not offer me a job, so who knows?

What I do know is that since then, I have been stuck on a hellish cruise aboard the Failship Lollipop, which is making it hard for me to feel confident about that interview.

- The city was supposed to do a bulky pick-up today and cart away my old couch. No such luck--it sits outside my door at the moment. My neighbor upstairs said he'd haul it for me, but his truck just broke down. So, so much for that.

- My car has been in my driveway for over 24 hours, and instead of the neighbor who parked behind it knocking on my door today before she left, it's now trapped here until she returns, whenever that is. So much for doing laundry today, or for driving to my grandmother's doctor appointment, which brings us to...

- I hopped on the bus down Telegraph to the address the social worker at my grandmother's nursing home had given me for her appointment with the nephrologist. I missed my stop by four blocks, walked back up to 29th Street and... that address doesn't exist. Called the social worker and was told, oh, it's actually at this other address, four blocks up the hill.

- I walked four blocks up the hill, and my phone rang. It was the social worker. Oops. Turns out the first address he gave me was correct, but it's in BERKELEY, not Oakland. Details, details.

- I walked home, which means I effectively walked from 24th Street to 42nd Street, plus that stupid side trip up a hill for no fucking reason.

- Apparently Java's having another moment and tried to eat her way out of my kitchen again today while I was at my interview. Her attempt was foiled by my upstairs neighbor.

- Just found out that a close friend's aunt died last weekend of cancer.

2009, you're fucking fired.