February 21st, 2009

corset & bougainvillea

Reasons to love heliocide.

And not just because he and ijeremy were great "water" boys at the show last night.

Or because he brought me herbs from his acupuncture school to help me sleep and deal with all the emotional upheaval 2009 has thus far brought me.


So, you know how despite being warned not to wing it during my grandmother's eulogy, that's exactly what I did. As I said that day, I'd text messaged cirrhopetalink asking her how I should go about writing it as her Auntie Rose had passed a couple weeks earlier, and she'd written the eulogy. She called me back and said, "Well, I went to Google and entered 'how do you write a eulogy.'" She said she'd found a lot of suggestions and ignored most of them:

"Don't write a poem." Yeah, whatever, fuck that.

"Don't make a list." Yeah, whatever, fuck that, too.

"Don't speak extemporaneously."

That one she agreed with. She also suggested I sit down with a bottle of wine.

As epiphanomaly had presented me with a bottle of wine at Zombie Prom the day my grandmother died, I headed over to my mom's place with that and my laptop.

The punchline: My Mother the Lush doesn't have a corkscrew because she doesn't drink wine.

So much for that idea.

Over the next couple of days, I couldn't seem to get anything down in writing, so when the memorial service rolled around on Valentine's Day, I just spoke from the heart. I mentioned that as much as I missed her, I knew my grandmother would continue to be my constant companion in spirit if not in body, that I could still look to her for direction, for advice. "What Would Nana Do," I said, and suggested that I should get that on a keychain.


Well, yesterday whittles told me that heliocide wanted me to stop by their place. He had a surprise for me.

Thanks, dude.