April 22nd, 2009

corset & bougainvillea


  • 01:34 My friend made cinnamon rolls with bacon rolled into them and maple glaze because she loves me. Yes, indeed. #
  • 18:12 I'm loving the heat, but the mosquitoes and flies? Not so much. One more bug bite, and I'm going to be glad it's getting colder tomorrow. #
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corset & bougainvillea

I did say that 2009 was The Year of Not Having It.

Cancer Horoscope for week of April 23, 2009 from freewillastrology.com:
This would be an excellent time for you to lead a populist revolt to overthrow the abusive authorities or out-of-touch elites who have been working their dumb magic for far too long. It would also be a perfect moment for you to stop cooperating with energy-draining situations that undermine your autonomy. The Age of Passivity is ending, thank Goddess. Launching the Age of Awakening may not be easy or fast, but you will attract extra help and encouragement if you do it now.