July 6th, 2009

corset & bougainvillea

Put the needle on the record.

So, tomorrow, July 7th, marks my 33rd revolution around the sun. I haven't planned anything since I was off frolicking in O'ahu with Jason for a week, but I do envision a trip to Coach Sushi and Easy to celebrate entering my Jesus year.

I know you all just got back to work after a three-day weekend, and a Tuesday night outing in Oakland might be a bit much, so I'm leaving it up to you--which day would you like to come out for tasty, tasty sushi and bottomless sake?

Poll #1426165 Lauren's Jesus Year Celebration

Which day would you prefer to come out to Coach Sushi and Easy in Oakland to celebrate yet another ring forming in the tree-trunk of my life?

Tuesday, July 7 (my actual birthday!)
Friday, July 10
Saturday, July 11


As for Hawai'i, there's a lot to say about it, but that'll have to wait. In the mean time I leave you with a photo and a video that sum it up.