July 26th, 2009

head in the clouds

This week in no particular order.

sangria. babies. poetry. job interviews and rejections. one red rose. kampachi is the gateway drug. oakland. dancing. the angriest feature ever. BBQ. napping with java. talking story. cera is the shit. giggly hangovers. an older heliocide. crawfish boil. cucumber mojitos. poets. the state of california can suck my dick. whiskey. smoking vegetables when you've run out of meat. a black-light garden. hayao miyazaki. san francisco. a run-in with nihilistic_kid. "fuck the time penalty!" a goth watermelon full of vodka. friends enacting iron chef. fancy birthday cake and homemade ice cream. m4dh4tt3r is back! stuffed eggplant. old speaks. sake. ginger snaps that are full of stars. heirloom tomato salad. conditionbronze. bacon. a little black dog named olive. san jose. holy shit, i just realized vertexnormal gave me a bottle of dom perignon 1999 for my birthday! love love love.