September 30th, 2009

corset & bougainvillea

A new chapter.

So, things are cruising along. I'm pretty tired after moving this weekend, and I still have more to do. I need to get my bike and bike rack out of the garage at my old place and finishing packing up and moving the seemingly endless odds and ends that still litter the apartment. And of course, there's still the cleaning. Tonight after work, I'm heading back there to finish up. I probably have at least two more loads to move, including the bike, and I'm dropping Miss Ella off at her new abode this evening as well.

She's going to be living with a nice gentleman named Tim who I met quite sometime ago through my mother. He's a cat lover, but is currently cat-less. After kitty-sitting for a friend of his for two months, he was pretty loathe to let that cat return to its home. So, since Ella is getting along less and less well with me and Jason's allergies--not to mention Java the Mutt, who was bleeding when I returned home a few weeks ago after another run-in with Ella's claws--she's off to greener pastures. I'll miss the little fuzzy lunatic, but I'll get to visit her lots and bring her the tasty fancy fish treats she likes.

In the meantime, Java is settling into her new home quite well. She's far less demanding about being on the furniture since our living room and both bedrooms are carpeted. (That, and now that Jason and I are living in the same place, she has full-time access to the big, comfy pet bed that had been left at his studio for overnight visits.) And there's a big backyard and two dogs from upstairs at our new place. Pig is a 9-month-old pittie girl whose job, as her pop and our landlord Kaj puts it, is "to like things." Things include Java. They get along like gangbusters, and we're all amused when this puppy, who is bigger than my 7-year-old, jumps on her head, giving Max, the landlords' other, ancient dog of some unspecified herding pedigree, a break from puppymania.

The place is still a mess as we figure out where to put things. I have a lot of stuff, the bedrooms aren't huge, but we're working it out. It feels cozy even now with boxes everywhere. And yesterday, I worked from home. It's so nice to have an office--even if that office is currently a wreck. And when not bombing around in the backyard with her new friends, Java sat by my feet while I worked, snoring, which was nice, and farting, which was less so.

I missed my kajukenbo class on Saturday because of the move, but made myself go last night even though I had a lot to do at my old apartment. I'm glad I went. I needed to move my body. And as close as I was to the kwoon before, I'm now less than a five-minute-drive from there.

Work is beginning to make more sense, though I am experiencing a little trepidation about what's coming down the pipe. I'm finally understanding more about how things work, but I'm not looking forward to my workload tripling and having no time. I'll push back as much as I can to stave it off, though listening to coworkers, it seems somewhat inevitable.

This weekend will be more cleaning and stashing and putting-away-of-things as well as a barbecque with fun folks from Teh Hubbs. And Friday, I'm hanging out with my friend Joyce from college--who has lived out here since forever, though I had no idea. We just found each other on Facebook, so it's time to relive our college days and go dancing.