July 9th, 2010

corset & bougainvillea


  • 09:54 It's 55° F in San Francisco right now. I am so over this pathetic excuse for a "summer." Brooklyn, you're looking better and better. #
  • 16:22 Heading home from work in the city early not because I fear "riots" but riot police. #
  • 16:59 RE: bit.ly/9V9Yix That's what I just said. #
  • 17:39 On NBC, just watched a unmarked cop car hit a protester. Reporters claiming protesters "attacked" the "passenger" vehicle as it drove off. #
  • 21:31 Just heard cannon shot. Teargas. #
  • 21:47 RE: bit.ly/btewgw I'm impressed they haven't turned that on yet. Guess concussion bombs are enough. #
  • 23:04 Yep. Not about tonight, but G-20: nihilistic-kid.livejournal.com/1492632.html #
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corset & bougainvillea

Oscar Grant, A Victim Of American Fear.

Even decades after the civil-rights era, a cop shooting an unarmed black man is barely a crime -- a 2007 ColorLines investigation of police shootings in New York City found that in 12 instances when the victim was unarmed, only one officer was found criminally liable. There hasn't been a murder conviction on a police shooting in Oakland since 1983.  As Kai Wright wrote in the aftermath of the Sean Bell verdict, "American law has been sanctioning the killing of black people to mollify white fear for centuries. ... We scare the shit out of America. And that fear excuses just about any reaction it spawns." Mehserle is profoundly unlucky to be punished at all.

Times change, but the radioactive fear of black people, black men in particular, has proved to have a longer half-life than any science could have discerned. This is not a fear white people possess of black people -- it is a fear all Americans possess. It makes white cops kill black cops, it makes black cops kill black men, and it whispers in the ears of white and nonwhite jurors alike that fear of an unarmed black man lying face down in the ground is not "unreasonable." All of which is to say, while it infects all of us, a few of us bear the brunt of the suffering it causes.

corset & bougainvillea


I'm not convinced I can write anything particularly eloquent or even coherent right now. I'm tired, I want to go home, and I still have at least another couple of hours here in the office.

Things that have happened recently:

- Went to New York for a few days, stayed with friends in Brooklyn, had a fabulous time.
- Have gotten all ginned up to MOVE to New York again, but this time... it looks like it could maybe happen while keeping this job--which I could do from home there, also sparing myself some of the early mornings since so many of my clients are on the east coast to begin with.
- Worked through some difficult things with J and emerged feeling... better. Honest. Relieved. Hopeful.
- Got a wedding dress.
- Worked on my manuscript and have a solid 30 pages with another 20-30 to continue editing/ordering.
- Cried listening to sirens last night in downtown Oakland.
- Told my uncle to get out of my mother's apartment.
- Almost immediately upon writing my father off for "the last time," received a belated-birthday message from him on Facebook.
- I got older.

Weekend, plz. Also, less cold, windy, foggy weather, plz. And thank you.