May 2nd, 2011

corset & bougainvillea

From Twitter 05-01-2011

  • 20:20:32: RT @questlove: RT @jimmyfallon: Got Bin Laden AND interrupted Celebrity Apprentice? Win for Obama all around.
  • 20:24:38: RT @tristancrane:
  • 20:25:00: RT @NMamatas: Osama hideout was located by Playstation Network hacker.
  • 20:33:16: RT @bobcesca_go: If terrorists retaliate, Republicans will blame POTUS for killing Bin Laden.
  • 20:44:41: RT @thewayoftheid: Pick up ya face, GOP. Pick up ya face.
  • 20:49:42: Who else thinks Barack and Michelle just put on some Al Green? #bestnewsweekevar
  • 20:56:53: RT @Karnythia: So, when people got mad about some Muslims cheering after 9/11 did they consider not cheering for Usama's death? #hypocrisy
  • 21:01:59: @Mysterc ROFL
  • 21:17:47: My main issue with his speech was his saying we were all united after 9/11. That wasn't true. Anti-Muslim sentiment soared. #realtalk
  • 21:24:41: @Mysterc Most people didn't differentiate then and won't differentiate now.
  • 22:10:40: RT @softjunebreeze: Fox News: "OBAMA Bin Ladin Dead" - LET. IT. GO.
  • 22:14:19: RT @JJOdelle: Obama knew about this operation to kill Osama while clowning Trump about his Celebrity Apprentice decisions. Wow.
  • 22:36:44: RT @BritniDWrites: wow. A WEEK? RT @TheNewsChick: Bin Laden killed over a week ago by an American bomb. US was waiting for DNA confirmat ...

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