February 3rd, 2014

corset & bougainvillea

My tweets

  • Sun, 18:49: RT @shomaristone: WOW. @Seahawks Russell Wilson base salary $526,217. @Broncos Peyton Manning base salary $15 million. (Source: Forbes)
  • Sun, 18:53: RT @rdis_: You call them niggers, too? Or nah? "@Alexinwhite666: @fightingwords I have black friends I'm pretty sure I'm not racist"
  • Sun, 18:58: RT @TrendsForDre: @Alexinwhite666 @fightingwords Deleting your tweet doesn't change the fact that you're a racist.
  • Sun, 19:00: RT @tinytempest: I hope everyone on Fox News is upset about this SuperBowl, I really do. I want them crying about it all week.
  • Sun, 19:00: RT @LexiScorsese: Y'all racist assholes are so pressed over Sherman. Even with an ankle injury, he won the super Bowl. Stay mad http://t.co
  • Sun, 19:02: RT @thetrudz: White racists tweeting "nigger" and other White racists claiming race isn't involved with their cheering Sherman's injury. So…
  • Sun, 19:02: RT @KyleKallgren: Boycotting coke because an American song is sung in "non American" languages? How do you say "Fuck yourselves" in Cheroke…
  • Sun, 19:06: RT @rosefox: Sure, I'll tweet a hashtag that costs me nothing and might win enough money to make this whole baby thing a lot simpler. #Esur
  • Sun, 19:06: RT @FeministaJones: "Who was talking about you?" "White Power Twitter"
  • Mon, 11:09: Just got word that repairs to my car are finally done. Amazing that a guy crashing a bike into it while parked did more damage than a semi.