July 31st, 2021

corset & bougainvillea

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  • Fri, 15:41: RT @kathbarbadoro: wild that "as contagious as chickenpox" doesn't mean anything to anyone under 30.... because of.... nevermind
  • Fri, 18:09: I got a relatively mild case at 10 when there was an outbreak at my martial arts school. Then I got a very severe OMG EVEN MY LABIA ARE ON FIRE case at 21, when a friend who'd never had it worked at a preschool in our college town and brought it up the hill to campus. https://t.co/xwBg1h1VCr
  • Fri, 18:12: Yes, because your family should most definitely be subjected to the same callous immorality of late-stage capitalism. https://t.co/6ICBhlYeNe