The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.


i still have nothing to say, so i thought i'd let hattie gossett do the talking for me today.

new york city winter poem

new york city winter poem

new york city winter poem

i wonder why it is that harlem snow lasts longer than midtown snow?

its all the same snow isnt it?

or is it?

i wonder cuz i have noticed when it snows real bad over the weekend that by monday most of the snow is still on the ground right where it fell in harlem

and if the temperature drops down real low and the snow freezes over and becomes a thick coating of glossy glassy ice the ice doesnt go away by monday either

but its different in midtown

when you shiver of the subway from harlem on your way to work in midtown on monday morning wearing all your layers of thermal underwear tights sweaters pants and your boots jackets scarves coats hats and gloves suddenly you are like the country clod at the fancy dress ball in the midst of all these people gliding about with no hats gloves or boots with their fur coats hanging open or no coats at all some of them and lots of the girls are wearing opentoes slingback hiheels and the boys are often wearing soft shiny loafers

and theres hardly any snow or ice on the ground except for a few isolated patches piled along the gutters and curbs so neatly as to appear more like a plastic visual effect which can be ordered from a supply house listed in the yellow pages under visuals comma winter wonderland

and by wednesday in midtown its hard to remember that there was a big snow storm that previous weekend cuz the visible evidence is all gone

why do you think it is that harlem snow lasts longer than midtown snow?

is it all the same snow?

does harlem get a more durable variety of snow thats been carefully bred in special test tubes and guaranteed to last all winter long or double your money back?

it couldnt be that the city govt places more importance on keeping the midtown streets clear than it does on keeping harlems streets clear?

oh no!

it couldnt be that midtown merchants associations exert pressures on city govt in the form of more than generous campaign contributions so that their areas are kept clear?

of course not!

it couldnt be that the merchants and the city govt are telling those of us that live in the harlems of the city that they dont care if our neighborhoods stay snowed under and iced over all winter we still better get to work on time?

no no no its nothing like that you are always looking at the negative side of things!

see what it is is that harlem sidewalks have a built in freezing system that automatically switches on at the first sign of a snowflake

and this sidewalk freezing system is connected to the freezing system hidden in the walls of most harlem bldgs and both freezing systems are programmed to do away with all heat and hot water once the temperature outside falls below 40degree fahrenheit

and so when old people and babies and young adults freeze to death in their beds in the various harlems its not because their landlords are failing to provide heat while continuing to collect rents thereby being liable for prosecution for fraud and for murder by criminal neglect

now there you go again of course not!

see it has a lot to do with those theories about not coddling us poor and/or colored folks

about not coddling us and not making things too easy for us so that we wont be denied the joys of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps

see if we had clear sidewalks and streets and heat and hot water during winter we might get carried away and start thinking we somebody and then next thing you know we would want solar powered airconditioning in the summer and an end to patriarchy and capitalism and racism and we would have a 3day workweek and guaranteed lifetime income and respect for the earth and an end to wars and we would have technology motivated by human need and not greed and we would have free education and healthcare and enough sumptuous food and fabulous housing for everybody and individual nonoppressive differences would be respected and nobody would be any better than anybody else

and then bootstraps could go back to being just bootstraps

and then i could write more stuff about the sun and trees and peace and birds and enduring and fruitful relationships and the ocean and flowers instead of nearly always writing about things like the differences between harlem snow and midtown snow and people freezing to death while other people are gliding about in open fur coats and slingback hiheels and soft shiny loafers
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