The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.

Irony is the grandfather clause that allows bigots to continue to speak in public.

LJ keeps shitting the bed, which is annoying. If I'm not replying to your comments, it's not only because I'm not getting notifications--it's because your comments aren't even showing up for me at the moment.

In other news:

Last October, I wrote the following but did not elaborate because it seemed inappropriate to do so:

I was going to write something really snarky about crazy white girls with persecution complexes, but I decided not to.

I've now decided to say "fuck it" as this dimwit is taking her bullshit public in her own journal and other communities as well.

What brought this on? This post she wrote in the newyorkers community about being a "broke white kid" living in Bushwick in Brooklyn:

So I'm a white kid, right? I'm new to New York, city-living in general, and happened on a cheap sublet in this place I initially referred to as "Bed-Stooey?" and moved in. Bed-Stuy, or, as it's laughably referred to in craigslist ads, "East Williamsburg," is what we pioneering types like to refer to as pre-gentrified. Poor white kids are slowly beginning to take over the neighborhood. Of course, the black people in the neighborhood know this is what's happening, and some of them, (understandably, I suppose), openly hate us for it. As a result, race relations in this neighborhood work like this:

We steal their neighborhood.
They steal our cell phones.

All in all, a pretty good deal for the white people. However, it doesn't make for super-peaceful living right now.

And then, after she got her ass handed to her in that community, she posted this pitiful defense (if you can even call it that) in her journal:

It's not worth justifying myself, but I think I'd like to explain what I'm trying to do when I write the way I do, because I'm interested in whether you think that the stilted, timid, shame-faced way we've gone about talking over racism so far has served us better. Here's the thing: I know I'm saying the things you're not supposed to say. I know I am revealing my ignorance/stupidity/naivete. Yet, because I am white, I hear otherwise educated, P.C., white people saying things like this among ourselves all the time. It's only in large groups that we all start pointing fingers and pretending we've never heard of such claptrap! Oh my!

For a while I had chalked Miss Thing up to being a stubborn simpleton who was ignorant if not actually malicious (though regardless, not worth my time). I now think she's far more malicious, and her writing far more malignant, that I originally gave her credit for. Make sure to read the comments--mingled in among the sycophants on her friendslist are some really insightful words from claudelemonde, who has far more patience and compassion than I've got--and who is still told to fuck off.

And more about this kind of ridiculousness when it comes to hipsters and gentrification: Generation Debt: No Trust Fund? Try Food Stamps
Tags: fuck you, identity/politics, schadenfreude

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