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Featuring at K'vetsh Sunday, Nov. 4

Sunday November 4, 2007
Sadie's Flying Elephant @ the corner of Potrero and Mariposa (between 16th and 17th)

K'vetsh open mic is having an 11th anniversary show.

You should come. You might meet somebody, fool around a few times, move in, obsessively plan your future together, pick out baby names in your head, then start arguing about geopolitics and exclaim during the course of an evening: "I hope I never see you again / can we go to the beach one more time / I hate you / kiss me / you need a 30 day treatment program / I'll die without you / I never even really liked you anyway."
And that's when you know it'll be time to return to K'vetsh. Keep coming back. It works if you work it. Every month, first Sunday. 9pm at Sadie's Flying Elephant (a beverage-serving establishment at the corner of Potrero and Mariposa) at 9pm.

This month, a whirlwind of features, no open mic...
We celebrate the preternaturally talented:

Charlie Anders
Christopher Boyd
Cindy Emch
Logan Knight
Ace Morgan
Alvin Orloff
Heather Renee Russ
horehound stillpoint
Max Wolf Valerio
Shawna Virago
Lauren Wheeler

Cohosted by Tara Jepsen and Kirk Read, although Tara is out of town on tour with Sister Spit, so please welcome, on lead guitar, filmmaker Samara Halperin

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