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From the assholes who brought you Prop. 13: CA rent control in jeopardy!

We need your help now to save rent control from being repealed in California--wealthy landlords are placing a measure on the ballot to repeal all rent control in California, trying to hide the rent control repeal as part of an eminent domain reform measure. The measure would also repeal inclusionary affordable housing laws.

(Here's a link to a summary and the text of the measure:

Here’s how you can help:


Help us get media attention on this important issue: Come to a rally to Save Rent Control, next Wednesday, November 14, 12 Noon at Civic Center Plaza (across Polk St. from City Hall). We’ll be joined by Assembly member Mark Leno, most of San Francisco’s elected officials, environmental groups, labor leaders, and senior organizations. We want lots of people to show up to this rally!


Tenant and housing groups are collecting signatures on a competing measure, which simply prohibits using eminent domain for residential housing and then transferring ownership to developers. The competing measure also contains language invalidating the entire rent control repeal measure. We’re close to getting the competing measure on the ballot but need help just 2 weeks remain (November 20 is the deadline).

Please help us in the next few weeks to get this measure—which stops rent control repeal—on the ballot. We will be holding signature gathering mobilizations, where you can get petitions and then go get signatures, the next 2 Saturdays.

Saturday, Nov 10, 11 AM to 1 PM at SF Tenants Union, 558 Capp St (at 21st)

Saturday, Nov 17, 11 AM to 1 PM at SF Tenants Union, 558 Capp St (at 21st)

Please try to come by and get some petitions and then get your family and friends and co-workers to sign or take them to a location we can assign you and get people to sign. This is very important–all our homes are at risk

You can also get a petition sent to you quickly to sign yourself or better yet, get nine more people to sign it too.

Click here:

For more information, including a link to the text of the rent control repeal measure and a link to the statewide campaign to save rent control, go to

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