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Let's see here. Today is Monday, everyone's FAVORITE day. Here's how you can make a Monday even more special.

1) Wake up at 7:00 a.m. so that you can spend one hour and 20 minutes trying to figure out why you're being billed more than $400 for three x-rays of your foot that were taken over a year ago, when you crashed your bicycle.

2) Call your old insurance company and UCSF no less than three times apiece before you're finally able to ascertain the problem: your insurance company, Blue Shield of California, did indeed deny and eventually reject the claim because UCSF screwed up and listed your insurer as Blue Cross of California instead.

3) Before getting off the phone with the rather sheepish woman in UCSF's billing department, make sure to mention that since so much time has passed now since the date the services were rendered that it is quite likely Blue Shield of California is going to refuse to pay that $400+ bill now and ask what UCSF is going to do about that since this clerical error was not in fact yours. Be told that it will be resolved.

4) Don't believe the sheepish woman and have a strong suspicion that you'll be spending at least another hour trying to clear this up, if not more than $400.

5) Check your bank account and cry.

6) Work for a while. Take the dog for a good walk, come back and feed her and the evil cat from hell, head into the office for a 2 'o clock meeting.

7) Five minutes after getting off the train at 16th and Mission, receive a phone call from your landlord informing you that your dog has gone through the kitchen window over your sink. She's not seriously injured and is upstairs with your neighbor, but your window is now broken.

8) Notice that your phone, which was plugged into its charger all night long, is rather low on battery life. Also, notice that you're no longer able to scroll down with its track ball, meaning looking up phone numbers in the address book or getting to text messages is now impossible.

9) After about five tries, you somehow manage to call Just Cause and let them know you won't be co-facilitating tonight's study group because you have an emergency at home.

10) Come home and retrieve a very happy and oblivious pit bull from your neighbor's apartment. Spend twenty minutes cleaning up glass and wood. Go to Home Depot with your mom to pick up plywood to nail over the window.

11) Feel absolutely thrilled at how much colder your already freezing and drafty apartment is going to be until you replace the broken window in the kitchen.

12) Plug in your phone to charge it and realize it won't charge. Notice also that the trackball still isn't working. Curse a lot.

13) Think about how you don't know if you can take the stress of this special-needs dog anymore--you've spent six years and thousands of dollars on replacements, repairs, trainers, and apartments that will allow dogs. You have to leave the house sometimes, like, for instance, to go to work, and you can't afford to replace blinds and curtains and doors and windows on a quarterly basis. Seriously, seriously, seriously consider giving up the dog, even though you love her and feel guilty about it but really can't conceive of a way to continue.

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