The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.

Operation: Save Java from the Chair, Part Deux

It involves yet another metal crate, a Kong stuffed with her daily meals, and a lot of praying.

My mom came by a while ago, and we took a little trip to the pet store. The very sympathetic folks working there tried to cheer me up with stories about their dogs--one jumped off a second-story balcony, another dove through a window two days in a row, breaking a foreleg each time. And then there were the three dogs they told me about who ate through walls.

Maybe I'm getting off easier than I thought.

Anyway, between my grandmother (who didn't have a stroke after all, but instead a heart attack) and Java's guano insanity (thanks for that term, defenestr8r's mom), I'm not going to Detroit next week for Creating Change. I'll either be here or in Illinois.

As for how Operation: SJftC is going so far, I convinced her to walk inside the crate and lie down of her own volition (with treats as an incentive). She's still in there, and it's been 20 minutes. I haven't closed the door yet, but I've got more treats, a Bully Stick, and a Kong for that attempt. I also have a Master lock to put on it when I try leaving her here alone--I know from experience that she can undo the latch easily with her paw. Do you remember the old Master lock commercials where they shoot through the lock and it still stays fastened? I figure if she manages to get by that, I'm gonna quit my job, change her name from Java the Mutt to Houndini the Bullet-Proof Pit, and take act her on the road, performing at carnival side-shows.

There's gotta be some money in this. After all, I just spent my food budget for the next two weeks on this stuff.

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