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Democracy in action.

The official announcement of Jason Lee Jones's run for Congress made it into the San Mateo Daily Journal:
Democrat Jason Lee Jones announced Friday his intentions to run for the congressional 12th District seat against former state senator Jackie Speier.

U.S. Rep Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, will not seek reelection in November after being diagnosis with esophageal cancer.

“I am running for Congress because I believe I can represent the interests and the diversity of this district and this nation,” Jones said in a press release Friday.

He kicked off his campaign at San Francisco State University, where he is a student.

He wants to challenge the political establishment and inject new energy into government that drives his campaign, according to the press release.

“I believe this should be an election — not a coronation,” Jones said, speaking of Speier's otherwise unchallenged run for the seat.
In order for us to have a fighting chance, though, we need supporters. This doesn't mean oodles of money (though if you can give oodles of money, we won't say no!). What it means is actual supporters. If you donate just one dollar, you register as a voice of support for Mr. Jones. Right now, his opponent has under 100 registered supporters on her fundraising site. There are well over 100 people reading this--if each of you gives just one dollar to the campaign, we'll be able to prove our viability and ask for funds from other, larger donors.

whittles has given. So has structurefall. Join them.


Support democracy in action by clicking on the LOLcandidate:

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