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The richest girl in town.

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Off. [Saturday, Feb. 23rd, 2008|05:42 pm]
The richest girl in town.
I feel like ass today. Saw some folks last night, had some good conversation with someone I see around a lot but never seem to talk to enough. But again, today I feel like ass.

Everything aches, I'm coughing, and my throat hurts.

About to shower and head out into the shitty weather to Julie's Supper Club for the Jason Lee Jones for Congress Meet and Greet--you should come. It'll be a good opportunity to talk about issues, and if you happen to live in the 12th district and be registered as a Democrat, even better. Or, you can just eat the free food before heading out to your Saturday night festivities. Either way, you should come.

Julie's Supper Club
1123 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 864-1222

As for me, I think I see a lot of sleeping in my future after this. I'm tired.

[User Picture]From: browniegirl322
2008-02-24 07:12 am (UTC)
Feel better bonita. Make sure you get your rest. It is tres important to your healing and recovery.
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[User Picture]From: seriesfinale
2008-02-24 07:38 am (UTC)
By the way, I couldn't respond to your post, but every map I look at has the 12th ending at Kirkham, about 150 yards away from where I sit right now. I haven' voted in a congressional race at this address yet so I can't confirm--I'll definitely sign if I can.

Anyway, is Julie's Supper Club even in the 12th?
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