The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.


I've spent most of the last few days fighting off some sort of cold/flu/sinus infection fandango. Tuesday I thought I might die at work--I nearly fainted in the elevator at some point--but managed to keep it together to run the evening's phone bank. Wednesday I stayed home, though--when I woke up and turned to silence my alarm, the intense pain in my head made me freeze. I spent most of the day horizontal and asleep. Thursday was a day of more rest, and maybe that's why I feel so much better now (but not perfect). But I am sad that I couldn't go to the May Day festivities, though I did snag a gorilla suit for it from mc_kingfish. Apparently King Kong wearing a vest with "98" on it running around Fruitvale was a big hit.

I saw Iron Man last night. Perhaps since I've never read the comic book and managed to miss out on all the film's hype, I didn't walk in with any expectations. But it was good. Like dahled mentioned, I have to think about the portrayals of Arabs a bit more, but it definitely wasn't as simplistic as so many other films have been. And it was actually fun.

Another thing--apparently the superheroes of the 21st century shun the idea of secret identities. They're all egomaniacs.

Also, from mc_kingfish:

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