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Job opening.

Seeking Instructor to teach BAVC's Digital Pathways VIDEO ANIMATION AND GAMING TECHNOLOGY Class

The Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1976 to support freedom of expression by making advanced media technology accessible to independent media makers and nonprofit organizations. BAVC's mission is to be the nation's most advanced noncommercial media access and training center. Our goals are to diversify cultural and economic participation, support the creation of high quality independent media, and to develop the skills of future media makers. For more information about BAVC, go to

About the Program:

Bavc's Digital Pathways is an intensive media training program for young people who want to learn skills to advance their potential for careers in technology and the arts. Students choose from 4 tracks - video, audio, 3-D interactive, or open source and participate in intensive training that leads to a portfolio of projects, and paid internships in their chosen field. During the training period, Digital Pathways students are challenged to apply their technical skills towards addressing community issues and exploring their own artistic voices while also preparing for job readiness. At the conclusion of the program, all students receive three units of college credit.

Instruction is aligned with National Educational Technology Standards and with industry needs in order to support academic achievement and competitive workforce skill development through four educational tracks: Digital Video Production, Audio Engineering; Video Animation and Gaming; and Open Source Interactive Technologies.

We are currently seeking qualified candidates (lead instructors and teaching assistants) to develop curriculum and teach:

VIDEO ANIMATION AND GAMING TECHNOLOGY: This innovative program focuses on video animation and gaming technologies and is comprised of curricula in 3D animation modeling, user interface design, and gaming software. A good understanding of surfaces and 3D, and the ways in which a computer deals with geometry, will help students to create complex data efficiently with a strong understanding of these technology principals. Software such as ASP.NET and Maya, will be used to create a series of exercises that allow students to explore and illustrate animation principles as well as posing, staging, exaggeration, facial animation and acting to make characters expressive, emotive and alive. Next Session begins June 2008.


• Experience training high school aged underserved youth

• Great enthusiasm for arts and technology education and its potential for positive impact on the lives of young people

• Ability to work collaboratively on curriculum with Next Gen staff

• Patient with students, demonstrated sensitivity to varying learning abilities and styles

• Excellent communication skills

• Great organizational skills

BAVC is an equal opportunity employer.

Please email a resume and cover letter to

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