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Count down.

Just Cause Oakland’s No on 98 crew is working hard! We're doing so well that last Saturday, we added new precincts to our lists! That means hundreds more voters are being contacted to vote no on 98!

As of this past Tuesday, we've had 10 field work days since the last week of April. During 140 fieldwork shifts, volunteers and members made nearly 9,300 attempts to reach voters, and have talked to over 2,370 voters and gotten 1,457 commitments from Oakland residents to vote no on 98.

On Saturday, we begin our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) program - door-knocking, phone-banking, and doing visibility work to let the general public know it's election time! If you care about saving rent control, this is when we
really need you!

It takes 3 contacts for someone we've met during outreach to actually go out and vote. So, if you've helped identify voters, now we need you to go back and make sure voting down Prop. 98 and protecting renters is a top priority for Oakland residents next Tuesday.

We have several shifts of work from May 31st through June 3rd, so please sign up for as many as you can. Since face-to-face contact is really crucial, we'll be prioritizing precinct-walking for anyone who is physically able to get out on the streets. These are the shifts:

Saturday: 10-2, 12-4, and 2-6
Sunday: 11-3, 1-5, and 3-7
Monday: 10-2 and 5-8:30

If you can take a day off from work to save rent control, Tuesday, June 3rd is the day to do it:

* 5:30-8:30am
* 11am-3pm
* 3-7pm
* 5-8:30pm

Election Day is the final push, and we'll be making rounds in all of the 24 precincts we've been covering. We hope to do visibility work in the neighborhoods - making noise, holding signs over freeways, checking the
polls, and reaching all our contacts - but we'll need everyone's help to carry out a full program!

For the full calendar, click here:

Contact Lauren at 510-763-5877 or to sign up! Thank you.

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