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Hurricane Katrina Commemoration: A Day of Action - Piano wire. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The richest girl in town.

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Hurricane Katrina Commemoration: A Day of Action [Monday, Aug. 25th, 2008|08:54 pm]
The richest girl in town.
Though Hurricane Katrina passed through the Gulf Coast nearly three years ago, its impact, and more importantly, the impact of our government's neglect of people in that region, are still being felt today.

On August 29, the Right to the City Alliance and our allies will participate in a National Day of Action! Here in the Bay Area, we'll be taking the day off to highlight connections between what's happening in New Orleans and Lennar's destructive, profit-driven plans for developing Bayview-Hunters Point in San Francisco and the need for police accountability in Oakland.

Follow the links for the Bay Area flier and demands.

What: Commemoration of the 3rd Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
When: August 29, 10:30am-5pm
10:30am - Rally at Powell and Market Streets, San Francisco
11:30am - March down Market Street
12:00pm - Press Conference on Market Street (between 1st and 2nd) in front of Lennar's Headquarters
1:30pm - Oakland City Hall Lunch at 14th and Broadway
3:00pm - March down Broadway to Oakland Police Department
3:45pm - Rally in front of OPD at 7th and Broadway

Contact Robbie at robbie@justcauseoakland.org or 510-763-5877 with questions or to RSVP.

[User Picture]From: fa_ikaika
2008-08-26 06:19 pm (UTC)
Good to know about.

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[User Picture]From: gordonzola
2008-08-26 09:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks for posting!
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[User Picture]From: whittles
2008-08-27 04:31 pm (UTC)
are you going? I'm thinking if I'm able I want to hit some Oakland stuffs. It all depends on the packing status though.
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